Lunar Tunes Productions recording studio pinellas county, FL
Lunar Tunes Productions recording studio Pinellas County, FL
Lunar Tunes Productions recording studio pinellas county, FL
Lunar Tunes Productions
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Lunar Tunes Productions recording studio pinellas county, FL
Lunar Tunes Productions recording studio pinellas county, FL

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Recording & Mixing

Standard rate - $35 per hour
Special blocks rates available (see Payment page for details)
At Lunar Tunes Productions, we take care to provide our customers high quality services personalized for their unique needs.  We have the knowledge and experience to provide you with outstanding recordings at competitive and affordable pricing.  Available services listed below.
Hiring of Studio/Session Musicians
KARAOKE  Vocal Recording

Voice Overs
Lunar Tunes Productions produces high-quality readings based on your scripts. Whether you are revamping your telephone system or deploying a new marketing campaign, our service will provide a clear reading of your materials. With our digital studio, we can incorporate special effects and music into the voice over recording that we produce for you.

Do you need narration for your corporate training videos? Online presentations? Commercial advertisements? Educational films? Documentarys? Or something else altogether? Trust the talent at Lunar Tunes for all of your voice over needs.
Upon request, we work with top-notch local musicians/vocalists in the area to assist our clients in adding creative diversity to their recordings. Pam Green is not only a recording engineer, but also an artist who can sing, play guitar, bass and percussion. If you require more assistance, we have many musicians for hire in the community that provide Lunar Tunes customers with the instrumentation you desire.
​A Karaoke recording session is perfect for audition pieces, vocal training, or even makes the perfect unforgettable gift for friends and family. We offer a range of packages that make it easy for you to become a recording artist, whether you want just one song, or an entire album.
Just bring in your own karaoke music on disk and we will import it into the mix and get you set up to start recording in just a few minutes. 

Why record a professional or personal Karaoke CD?

(1) To have a recording of your singing to hand down to your children or grandchildren.
(2) Something to give to Mom and Dad.
(3) To play for friends and family.
(4) It makes a terrific gift for any occasion.
(5) Personalize your wedding music by singing it yourself.
(6) Use as a demo to audition for bands, or otherwise showcase your vocal ability.
(7) Just to have a CD of yourself singing.
Guitar Lessons
$20/30 min.; $30/45 min.; $35/60 min. guitar lessons from Pam Green. She has a refreshing style of teaching that works with all ages. She has been classically trained, has a background in music theory, and has been playing guitar for over 38 years. Guitar lessons include acoustic & electric guitars and in a variety of genres. Pam is easy to work with and takes into account students needs.

Math Tutoring
$45 per hour - Pam Green is a former Algebra teacher of 8 years.  She tutors children and adults of all ages.

Leave message for a loved one with the gift of your voice.
How many times have you thought about your mother, father, grandparent or someone else dear to you and wished you could their voice at any time?  

Maybe you or a relative or friend wants to leave a message behind for a loved one. Maybe you’re a grandparent, mom, dad, aunt, uncle, godparent, etc. and would like to read a book, a short story, personal poems or your wedding vows to a loved one, a grandchild or your spouse … the list can go on and on! The best part… no matter where you are, your loved ones can always hear your voice. You can even put some music of your choice behind your voice in the background. Leaving a loved one the gift of YOUR VOICE is a beautiful and thoughtful way to say I love you.  

Exercise Instructors - Mix the music you want for your classes
Exercise instructors often have the music they want, but cannot get that music to start and end where they want it to.  Lunar Tunes can transition one song to the next with no breaks or help with any other musical arrangement you would like.  We can even add your voice giving instructions on what exercise or move needs to be done! 

Turn your old Cassette Tapes into CD's before they wear out!
Do you have cassette tapes that you treasure?  Are they falling apart or disintegrating before your very eyes?  Protect your investment and preserve your tapes by converting them to CD's or other music file formats.

Details of above services are listed below.